The Man Behind


Anoop Singh

Founder & CEO

GlobeCom Worldwide



Marketing today is all about influencing in-control consumers in a multi-segmented, multi-tasking world.


I’m a serial entrepreneur. Number one rule: Clients always come first. Number two: Failure’s not an option. Number three: Never forget one and two.


Anoop Singh, born 4 January 1984 is an Indian media magnet. Born in Kanpur, India, he is the Founder & CEO of GlobeCom Worldwide the world's fastest growing media conglomerate.

Anoop has over 10 years experience in Media (Hindustan Times & Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.) & Advertising (JPC, An INS Advertising Company). He started GlobeCom in 2012. He is the youngest global Founder & CEO in the history of media & advertising, heading both GlobeCom and GlobeCom Worldwide.

Today, as CEO, Anoop  is responsible for setting the organization’s strategic direction, managing key client relationships with such major marketers, new business development and industry outreach.

An experienced media & advertising proffesional, Anoop also has serious creative and communications chops. He has the ability to use analytics to solve marketing challenges for clients and deliver metrics that matter to creative teams that result in innovative campaigns.

GlobeCom Worldwide is the first and only global, behavior-based,fully integrated marketing communications agency. Its offerings include best-in-class capabilities in branding, advertising, media planning & buying, direct and relationship marketing, promotions, retail, social & digitall, mobile, sponsorship, media & search, with a relentless focus on creativity and accountability.

Now adays Anoop is working on his dream project wherein he wants to deliver the world class content based on education & career in Hindi language.

He is very active in social activities & regularly participates in the CSR programmes organised by GlobeCom Foundation & Shikshagram. They both are the social wings of GlobeCom.


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